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Urban Feel

A Film by Jonathan Segall
(Israel, 1998, 103 Minutes, Color,  Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Dafna Rechter, Scharonn  Alexander, Jonathan Segall, Asi Levi)

The debut film from Toronto-born Israeli theatre director/writer Jonathan Segall,  Urban Feel  focuses on a modern couple (played by top Israeli actors Dafna Rechter and Scharonn Alexander) and their rocky relationship.

Robby is an accountant and a hypochondriac, Eva works in a shop specializing in erotic toys for women, and they have an eight-year-old son named Jonah.

The routine of daily life is disrupted by the sudden appearance of the charming and slightly alcoholic Emanuel (no other that the director Jonathan Sagall himself), who was Eva's childhood sweetheart and also an old buddy of Robby.

Emanuel's influence is felt strongly by all members of the household including little Jonah, whom Emanuel teaches to be a tough guy. But the most drastic change is in Eva whose sexual feelings are rekindled. After the drunken intrusion of Emanuel into her bed one night, Eva lands in an anonymous sex club.

Robby's reaction is to plunge into a crazy affair with a woman named Nelly, who regularly places ads in the lonely hearts columns of newspapers and is somewhat involved with an aging theatre director. In the meantime, the audience is supposed to wonder  who the real father of Jonah is -  Robby, or Emanuel?


• Berlin International Film Festival 1999
 Montreal International Film Festival 1999
 Haifa Film Festival - Best Picture of 1998
 Israeli Academy Aawards 1998 - nominated in 12 categories, winning  2 awards - Best  Actress (Dafna Rechter) and Best Supporting Actress (Asi Levi)
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