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A Film by: Mihal Brezis & Oded Binnun
(Israel/France 2013, 39 Minutes, Color, English, Cast: Sarah Adler, Ulrich Thomsen)

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Film Live Action, 2015

Aya is waiting to meet someone at the airport, but finds herself picking up a complete stranger instead – Thomas Overby. Overby, who is a Danish music researcher visiting Israel as a judge for the Rubinstein Piano Competition, believes Aya to be his assigned driver. The young woman, intrigued by his presence and the random encounter, does not reveal the mix-up and mischievously sets off with him for his destination - Jerusalem.
Their condensed journey to Jerusalem is where the film takes place. For Aya this “outside of life” situation seems like the realization of a childhood dream, but Thomas’ introverted and detached way of socializing hinders the proximity she is longing for.
As tension builds between them, leading to mutual struggle, Aya confronts Thomas with the truth and is finally able to share pure intimacy with him.  

 “A delightful cinematic gem! It whets your appetite for more! Not to be missed!” Time Out Tel Aviv 

 “The culmination of 'Aya’ is one of the most beautiful and intimate moments ever seen in an Israeli film in recent years. The film may only run 40 minutes, yet it is far richer and more fascinating than many films running twice as long” - Ishay Kitchles, Israel Today

 “The experience that ‘Aya’ provides in just 40 minutes is far more effective than most recent Israeli films and international releases... The stunning cinematography by Binnun is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in Israeli films…. This uplifting journey managed to keep an infinite smile on my face”. Yair Hochner, Seret

• Nominated for Best Short Film, The Oscars 2015!
 Best Short Film, Ophir Awards 2013 (Israeli Oscars)
 Fort Lauderdale - Best Inte'l Short
 Women in Film and TV Vancouver 2013 - Best Performance and Best Mid-Lengh Film
 Nijmegen Short IFF - 2013
 The Prague IFF - 2013
 Toronto JFF - 2013 
 Boston JFF 2013
 Filmisreal! Festival for New Israeli Cinema - 2013
 Seret - The London Israeli Film and TV Festival - 2013
 Israeli Embassy - Bucharest
 San Francisco JFF - 2013
 Vancouver JFF 2013
 Philadelphia JFF 2013
 Bucharest JFF 2013
 Kaleidoscopio Film Festival - Italy 2013
 Zagreb Israeli Film Festival 2013
 Denver JFF 2014
 New York JFF 2014
 Savannah JFF 2014
 Houston JFF 2014
 Detroit JFF 2014
 Milano PKF 2014
 Weschester JFF 2014
 Tampa Bay JFF 2014
 Jewish Community of Chester County 2014
 Sao Paulo JFF 2014
 Kaleidoscopio Film Festival - Italy 2014
 Levis JCC 2015
• Cherry Hill Volvo JFF 2015
 Boca Raton JCC 2015
 Dallas JFF 2015
 Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema 2015
 LA Israeli FF 2015
 San Antonio JFF 2016
 Stockholm JFF 2016
 Frankfurt JFF 2016
 Wilmington JFF 2016
 Halifax JFF 2016
 UK JFF 2016
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